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June 26, 2009

Eliminate four diet schemes of belly Nan

 Eliminate four diet schemes of belly Nan

      American not director Dr. Miller of research project of Lamine's writing brush nutrition can lighten the fat food therapy method of the belly after recommending four kinds.

      Eat the orange fruit (the food of fruit) With the vegetables (the food of vegetables) .

      Except they contain the cellulose (the fibrous vegetarian diet product) ,Yes

      Lengthen beyond the glutted sense, its vitamin (the food of vitamin) contain rich amount ofed C and ¦Â - carrotene still can prevent the fat of belly from piling up. The carrot, pumpkin and peach can offer a large amount of ¦Â - carrotene both, and the citrus, cherry, kiwi fruit are all outstanding ones enriched with vitamin C.

      Get more selenium.

      Selenium not only can resist cancer, can also reduce the incidence with fat belly. A lot of food contains selenium, but it is very difficult to know whether to reach 55 micrograms of giving a recommendation amount per day, so, should get used to taking additive or taking all kinds of food.

      Eat more fish and egg.

      The investigation result of hospital of Denmark Copenhagen university indicates, eats more high-quality albumens such as fish and egg,etc. and lets you have a full sense and increase the energy (the food of energy) ,Help reduces weight (weight-reducing food) ,The person especially over 40 can also reduce the fat of belly.

      Eat the fat suitable.

      The research of Spain indicates, eats more olive oil, fish, flax seed oil, walnut oil and bean curd, it is apter to keep the slim stature. And the maize oil (oil food) , ¦¸ - 6 fatty acid roasted and contained in the food, will cause the piling up of fat of belly. The trans-fatty acid will increase the fat of belly too, try not to eat. 

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